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Monday, 15 March 2010

So where's the money Tanya Lumby?

At a recent meeting of The East Birmingham branch of the British National Party in Acocks Green, there was an unanswered controversy that unfolded before the bewildered eyes of members and other attendees.

The new fundholder had earlier been introduced as Mr Rob Offord, husband of Amanda Offord, both activists from Moseley.

A collection took place and money collected was, as is tradion, placed in a hat. 

Rather than new fund-holder Mr Offord count the money in the presence of the rest of the room, as is usual, instead the group organiser Tanya Jane Whitehead-Lumby, took the money away and counted it in private.

It was estimated by many there, and from 'known' donations that around £1500 was 'in the hat', including £500 from the host, and several £100 and £50 donations from working members.

Yet following Lumby's return, it was announced that £950 was collected.

Amid the gasps from dumbfounded open mouths the recently declared bankrupt Mrs Lumby thanked the room for their generosity!

Mrs Lumby also 'assists' in collections for other groups in the area, and questions must now be asked about the virtue of re-instating the BNP membership (during a membership freeze?) of both of the Lumbys who were quite vocal four months ago in their resignation of the jobs within the party and their membership.

The Lumbys and The Offords were also main protagonists in hounding several BNP members from the party during 2009

The BNP National Accounts manager, David Hannam, was not available for comment.

Friday, 18 September 2009


From a report by R&M from The Billesley Patriot Blog.

This is a question all parents need to ask themselves? It is quite possible that it is and you don't even know it and the school aren't telling you (this decision is usually a financial one). Halal is a vile, barbaric process (better known as ritual slaughter...as mentioned in a previous post on The Billesley Patriot about 'halal pizzas') We could have included graphic pictures, but assure you most people could live without seeing them, even in black and white! There are parents up and down this country starting to ask this question more frequently and saying 'NO' to their children eating Halal school meals. This is Shariah Law alive and kicking in the schools of Great Britain; even in schools where less than 5% of the population are Muslim, schools are routinely giving ALL children Halal meat for convenience, to save money and to be politically correct. The British Navy ONLY serves Halal meat despite the fact that only a tiny percentage of its personnel are muslims. A lot of schools are of the attitude of what parents don't know won't hurt them or 'most parents are too stupid to even know what Halal is' (quote from a Deputy Head of a Birmingham school.)

The time has come for the parents of white, Christian, British children to start asking questions and saying NO to Halal, NO to visiting mosques, NO to celebrating alien faiths and cultures

YES to humanely killed meat, YES to visits to churches and cathedrals and YES to celebrating Christian/English/British culture, history, traditions and values. Speak to your child's teacher or head teacher, ask awkward questions, stick up for the rights of your children, and if they are being served Halal meat say NO.
(How long before your child comes home with a HAPPY EID card?)

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Radio Acocks Green

Those of you who remember Robert Davies aka Jasper Carrott in the early days may remember his spoof radio show called Radio Acocks Green.

I've managed to find one link so far to the show. Not the famous 'Tony Butler' sketch though

Radio Acocks Green 1979